Entries by Mandee Thomas

Travel Update – Day 8

We departed Rabai early, 5am, for Salt Lick Lodge in the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary near the city of Voi, Kenya. As we were leaving Kazameni yesterday, we thought it would be our last day on rough, bumpy roads but we were surprised to see how bad the two lane Mombasa Highway really is. This road connects the port […]

Travel Update – Day 7

We started our day delivering supplies to Kasidi High School. The students were in class studying and doing lab work as it is an achievement to make it to High School. The administration was extremely appreciative of the school supplies and Days for Girls packets. As we were preparing to leave they wanted a group picture and asked when […]

Travel Update – Day 6

Our first stop for the day was at a medical clinic in Bwagamoyo to deliver blankets for the newborns and ibuprofen and other medical supplies for the patients. There were a lot of people lined up on the bench of the clinic waiting to be taken care of. We went into the office of the medical staff (three nurses) […]

Travel Update – Day 5

Here are a few updates from a very long and busy day. Trevor left early for his overnight stay in Kazemeni – we are confident he is doing well. As soon as the new van arrived, the rest of the team loaded up the lamps and teaching supplies and headed to Boyani, it’s a long drive on […]

Travel Update – Day 4

We left the house at 9:00 am today to attend church in the Changamwe Branch of the LDS Church. After church we made a brief stop at the carving place called Akamba where the craftsmen carve the animals and figurines, this is the same place that carved the Grant Victor customer gifts of Elephants and Rhinos the last two […]

Travel Update – Day 3

Our first night in Rabai was filled with very strong wind and rain storms causing many to wake during the night. Breakfast was ready early so we could eat and then leave to the village of Kazameni where the Kangakamo school is located. Getting to the village, as with most locations, requires travel on bumpy […]

Travel Update – Day 2

Our expedition is in full swing having arrived at the Kamoti household in Rabai which will be our sleeping and eating quarters for the next week. From here we will head out each day to the villages, clinics and schools. After a short nights sleep we started our day eating breakfast at the hotel and taking an opportunity […]

Travel Update – Day 1

Well, after nearly 30-hours of travel we are here in Mombasa, it’s 2:30 am Friday morning. Here are a few updates: The send off party was incredible with a mini concert from the Grammy Nominated African Children’s Choir. The timing of the group traveling through Kaysville hours before departure made for a perfect experience to […]