Sales President’s Club Service Project at The Fundacion Un Mundo Para La Ninez Desam – Dominican Republic

GV Associates,

As you may be aware, the Sales Team and management participated in a GV Cares service activity as part of the Sales President’s Club last week in the Dominican Republic. In addition to spending a few hours on site, servicing lunch and playing with the kids, we also delivered about $1,000 in groceries and supplies and donated $600 in cash to support this orphanage.  The Fundacion Un Mundo Para La Ninez Desam  (https://www.facebook.com/fundacion8/) is an orphanage for young boys (24 of them) that were taken by the state as a result of abusive home environments. We personally met Jimmy & Jeffrey who both started as young boys there and are now serving this orphanage as young adults. It was a rewarding experience and a chance to give back to a country that greeted us with such beauty and hospitality.

Thanks to all those that participated in making this activity possible.

2016 School Project

Grant Victor is continuing our humanitarian efforts in Kenya.  For 2016, we are building a school a school to serve the villages of Kazemeni and Kangakamo

They currently do not have modern structures to meet in. The nearest school is in a nearby village, about 2.5 miles away. Sadly, this distance is further impeded by a large river that floods each time it rains, cutting the children off from opportunities that lie outside the village.

We are asking for donations that will fund the furnishings and supplies for this new school. Your donation may provide a desk, books, or other greatly needed resources to these eager young students.

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Boheka Construction Update #2

The work at the Boheka primary school in Kenya is almost complete (see updated pictures). The children are so excited to be able to use the new classrooms and toilet facilities. We are beginning our planning for the 2016 trip and will once again be soliciting support from all of you.

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Boheka Construction Update #1

School classroom construction resumed after the holidays in Boheka and the progress is coming along well. The support from friends, customers, and business partners has allowed us to commit to toilets and desks for each of the new classrooms.

This kind note came from Leah, our main contact in Kenya:

“On behalf of Koins for Kenya Foundation and all our partners in Rabai and Boyani, we send our sincere gratitude to all of you for taking the time away from your work and family to come and be with us. We acknowledge that it took a lot of time, effort and resources to plan this trip. You will never be forgotten by the people that you met and lives will forever be changed through your generous donations. We pray that your days will forever be filled with the joy that comes from giving.”

Thanks for the ongoing support.