Kenya Reunion Tour Travel Report – Travel Day


Jambo friends and family,

Hey All,

The travel team is scrambling to get ready today, but will meet at the airport at 11:30 tomorrow morning to begin the 30+ hour journey. Traveling under Covid for this length of trip should be a real adventure. We will arrive in Nairobi late on Wednesday night and then will make our way to Mombasa the next morning. From there, we will travel to the small village of Rabai where we will setup our camp for the next 2 weeks. 

As you probably remember, this year we will be visiting all of the villages that have been part of previous projects. Some will get a new classroom, others a new latrine, and others will get supplies.  Our most significant construction project will be in Buni, the place that Burt, Steve, and Levi visited last year. Pictures are attached of the work that is already well underway, thanks to Leah and the KOINS team. We will be fortunate enough to arrive as it is finished, and be able to participate in a hand-off & dedication ceremony. I’m sure many of you have little sense for how much our contributions will be appreciated over there. These projects change the lives of today’s school children and many generations to come. The days ahead will no doubt change our lives as well.

From the first time I traveled to Kenya, I came back committed to be a little bit kinder, a little bit more grateful, and a bit more aware of the needs around me. As I turn on the faucet at home, I count my blessings for running water. As I jump in a hot shower each morning, I try to remember what it’s like not having hot water. It’s easy to forget that what we experience in Kenya is really more of the norm than the exception as we open our eyes to how others live. I hope that we can all remember that. 

We will send a quick email each day with a few of the highlights. Please know that we appreciate those that are traveling for the sacrifices that they make, but we also are very grateful to each of you for your contribution including covering phones and keeping the business going while we are gone. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you, and we hope that you will be thinking and praying for our health and safety as well.

Asante Sana!!

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