Kenya Reunion Tour Travel Report – Day 6


Jambo Friends and Family –

Today was a great day! After a few days in the Masai Mara, this was our first full day back in Rabai. The whole team was thrilled to be back and ready to get to work! We started out by going to deliver more medical supplies. We went to the Ribe Dispensary where we gave the staff masks, gloves, a blood pressure monitor, a thermometer, a stethoscope, and many bottles of pain killer. We thank you again for all your donations and are reminded of your love and support as we see the impact these supplies will have on the thousands of people who are dependent on these dispensaries.  They gave us a presentation on how their facility is functioning, and a tour of their buildings. This clinic was so organized and had a big focus and maternity and natal care so these donations will be put to good use. We also got to hand out baby blankets to mothers with young children and expectant mothers. 

After that, we headed over to Mawemobomu Primary School. Grant Victor Cares is adding on two more classrooms and a set of latrines, so we got to attend a groundbreaking later in the morning. As we got out of the vans, we were met with schoolchildren who rushed meet us and walk us down the road to the village. Their songs and dances warmed our hearts. After a brief bout of dancing, we took our seats so we could watch a program they had prepared for us. Both the parents and children showed us songs and dances. They called us up and presented us with kangas for the woman and kikois for the men. We then sang them the song we prepared. After more practice in the past couple days, we had greatly improved. They even asked for an encore! After more dancing, they gave us shovels/picks and Jeff started us off with breaking the ground. After that we each had a chance turning over dirt in the site where the classrooms are going to be built. Then, the woman took over and quickly dug the first part of the ditch. It was awesome to be a part of. Expansions like these are so crucial because for a school to get help from the county, they need to be registered. Only schools of a certain size can qualify for registration. The work Grant Victor has done in the past few years has given this school the needed infrastructure and enabled the Mawemobomu Primary School to register and begin to receive this government aid which comes with county employed teachers and more buildings. This will begin with the addition of more classrooms, announced by a representative of the local MP, Mr. Kamoti. 

Then we went to Kangakamo Primary School. Once again, they met us at the top of the road to escort us down to the school. They were waving leaves, singing welcome songs, and eagerly taking our hands. Having them greet us with songs, dances, and an abundance of love and excitement is by far one of the best parts of our day. We paraded down the road and they informed us that they had planned a program to surprise us. We took our seats and watched traditional songs and dances, a recitation of the national anthem, a poem delivered in unison, and an acrobatic show. We then heard some speeches. Upon our arrival, we found out that the school’s chairman, Nathanial, had passed away. Our team was so sad to hear this. As someone of you may remember, Nathanial was an amazing chairman, a kind man, and a recipient of a pair of glasses on the GV Kenya Trip 2016. In Burt’s speech he announced that in Nathanial’s honor we will construct another latrine in the coming weeks, which this school desperately needed so that their faculty doesn’t overwhelm the existing ones. They then presented us with kangas and kikois, and we sang our song again. We then had the opportunity to teach in the school. Our team was divided into small groups and taught different grade levels. Everyone picked their own topic and we taught about topics ranging from shapes and animals to magnetism (to name a few). It was fantastic to get a chance to work with these smart, committed, and good-natured kids. Everyone had a great time. Naturally, we had to follow class  with a dance party and a game of giant beachball! We ran in and back out while holding hands in a circle, taught and were taught different dance moves, played some soccer, spent time talking, and took a lot of pictures. Everyone had fun talking and laughing with the kids they had quickly befriended but won’t soon forget.

It was an incredible day. Sending our love and gratitude, 

Kate & The Kenya 2021 Team

Today’s special shout out: Matt! Matt is so good at fully embracing every experience on this trip and is great at getting the kids to laugh. His part in our welcome song is a big crowd pleaser and every time we see Matt, he his running around with the kids, teasing them, chasing them, and being one of the most fun people to be around. He is always interacting with the crowd by getting them to clap and chant. He has been a great example of putting yourself out there. And it 100% paid off. Thanks, Matt, for all you are doing! 

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