Donations for Kenya service projects

We're accepting donations for our upcoming service projects in Kenya, Africa. 

How can your donation make a difference?

Solar lights given to students in Kenya by charitable organization
$25 Provides

A solar lamp for a home

African students at desk presented to their village
$75 Provides

A high school student desk

Two boys reading in newly constructed class building
$100 Provides

50 new books for the library

Kenyan children using the desks and school that was recently built
$500 Provides

One year scholarship for a high school student

Young students in need of scholarship money
$2,500 Provides

One year scholarship for a university student

30,000 liter water cistern donated to Kenyan village
$3,500 Provides

A 30,000 liter water cistern

Women from Muleji Kenya getting water
$4,000 Provides

A well that provides fresh water to a village

School and desks built by villagers and donated by non profit
$9,000 Provides

A classroom building that houses 100 children