Travel Update – Day 8

We departed Rabai early, 5am, for Salt Lick Lodge in the Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary near the city of Voi, Kenya. As we were leaving Kazameni yesterday, we thought it would be our last day on rough, bumpy roads but we were surprised to see how bad the two lane Mombasa Highway really is. This road connects the port city of Mombosa to Nairobi and is not maintained very well. Think of washboard dirt roads connecting two major cities where you jockey for position with semi trucks.

With an early departure we thought most would sleep but in one van we spent the first 90 minutes of the drive talking about the magnitude of the impact the new Kangakamo school will have on the village and school children of Kazameni.

Two years ago Boyani was not a place you could find on a Google Map, now you can find “Boyani School”. We fully anticipate “Kangakamo School” to show up on Google Maps in the near future. As Trevor spent the night in the village with Job and his family he mentioned this cool fact to Job who took so much pride knowing the world could find Kazameni. He even go a little emotional.

Steve and Trevor went to see Rahima last night to deliver a few items and to interview her. She is a friend of Koins for Kenya and the Littlefield Family as well as being a local educational official. Rahima commented to them that now that Kazameni has the Kangakamo school they can apply to be recognized as a government school. She feels it will be accepted. This is a big milestone to reach as it will allow government funds to pay the teachers. Currently the parents pay the teachers. Rahima also indicated that the beautiful school in Kangakamo will increase the confidence of not only the children but of that of the parents which should help further the community. Steve and Rahima are confident test scores will increase.

On the way to the wildlife sanctuary we made a few stops to take a break from the stressful drive. One stop was at Jonah’s favorite Souvenir shop.

After five hours of driving we finally arrived at the wildlife sanctuary. It’s been a dry season with little rain so the wildlife has to travel to get water. We’ve seen the following wildlife: Cape Buffalo, Elephants – which come to the watering hole at the base of hotel, we’ve seen fifty or more, Giraffes, Water Buck, Elands, Lions, Baboons, Antelopes, Hart Beest, Grant Gazelle, Impala, Burt¹s white tummy made a brief appearance but had to be covered because our driver said it was a strange animal, Buffalo Weaver, Super Starling, Guinea Fowl and Ground Hornbill Bird.

Tonight we ate a good meal and it reminded us of some of the food we ate in Rabai. Last night before leaving Rabai, Brandy learned to cook the Cabbage Stir Fry meal and the chapati. Chapati is similar to a tortilla. Dinner at Jory’s on Monday!!!

Tomorrow we leave early to return to get our luggage in Rabai and head to the airport.

We may not be able to give an update tomorrow so if we don’t, please know how humbling this experience has been. We thank each of you for your support and prayers. It takes many hands and a huge effort to be able to do this type of humanitarian project that will bless the lives of so many in Kazameni.

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